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Sat, Jul. 14th, 2012, 11:04 pm

Title: rainfall means two things
Rating: R
Pairing: Peter/Mike(/Tony)
Summary: A bit of fun in the shower the next morning. (sequel to "watcher of the skies" and "we're waiting for you (come join us now)")
Disclaimer: : Any similarity between the fictional version of the person or persons portrayed here and the actual person or persons is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction. This is not an attempt to defame the character of said person(s) on the basis of libel, as the work is FICTIONAL (and NOT an intently false statement created with the express purpose of misleading others about the actual character of said person or persons). I am not casting aspersions on the sexual orientation or activity of the characters represented within, and furthermore if Mr. Peter Gabriel ever stumbles across this, I'm very sorry sir. You're just so hot.

When Mike woke up, he thought – for a split second – that the previous night had been a dream, but then he realized that someone was lying on his hair and there was an elbow digging into his side. Not a dream, then.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw Peter, still nestled against him. He sat up carefully. Tony was gone. Where had-

“He had to go into the studio, some of the equipment got messed up,” Peter yawned, sitting up as well. “He went with Phil and Steve to fix it before our recording session.”

For a moment, Mike forgot that he was lying naked in a bed with Peter and worried about his bass. “Is my-”

“Your bass is fine.”

Mike sighed with relief, and looked at the clock. “Oh, geez, we’ve got to be there in an hour.”

“I guess we better get up then,” Peter said, looking perkier than he really should have. “We should probably have a shower.”

“Good idea,” Mike agreed.

“Although, I mean, we only have an hour. We should probably shower together. You know, to save time.”

Peter’s grey eyes managed to look completely innocent and totally wicked at the same time. He grabbed Mike’s hand and dragged him out of bed, practically skipping to the bathroom.

The shower was barely big enough for the two of them, and the water was icy-cold for a second – almost enough to quench their ardor, but not quite. After a minute, it warmed up, and Mike stood gratefully under the spray, the smell of sex and sweat washing off him.

“Would you soap up my hair?” Peter asked, long hair soaking wet and clinging to his shoulders. He turned around, giving Mike a perfect view of his pert little ass. Mike poured some of the cheap complimentary shampoo onto his hands, massaging it slowly and carefully throughout Peter’s hair. The younger man sighed with pleasure.

Mike couldn’t help but remember last night, when his hands were tangled up in Peter’s hair and his mouth was hotter and slicker than even the spray of the shower. The thought caused him to become uncomfortably aroused, and he was wondering what, exactly, would be done about that, when Peter turned around.

“My turn under the spray,” he said, and the two switched positions, sliding past each other. The feel of Peter caused Mike to shudder with desire, and Peter whimpered just a little, grabbing Mike by the chin and pulling him down for a kiss.

Their tongues entwined slowly, gently, almost lazily, but with an undercurrent of need. Mike’s hands slid up Peter’s chest, leaving a soapy trail. The marks Tony had left on him had faded, and Mike found himself wanting nothing more than to leave his own marks all over Peter’s pale skin, but something – Tony, he thought – stopped him. He wanted to touch Peter everywhere, everywhere, but that would have to wait, because they were on a schedule.

It was almost a sensory overload for Mike, everything warm and slick and skin, and he gasped when Peter’s hand slid between his legs and grasped his cock. His grip was strong and sure and Mike couldn’t help but nip Peter’s lip when he began to stroke. Peter whimpered, a needy sound, and Mike pushed him up against the back wall of the shower, grasping his manhood. Their bodies rubbed together like cats in heat, Peter pulling Mike as close to him as he could, sucking on his tongue wantonly and Mike groaned – Peter’s mouth was fucking magic – his hand that was not being used to pleasure Peter sliding down his back and grabbing a handful of his ass, just for the hell of it.

“God, yes,” Peter gasped, muscles straining as his orgasm rippled through him. The sight of Peter, soaking wet and arching off the tile, set off Mike, who came as well, resting his forehead against Peter’s. They stayed like that for a minute, catching their breath, when the water started to get cooler and they realized simultaneously that they had been in there for awhile and needed to get out pretty quickly.

“Good thing we were in the shower,” Mike commented, using a washcloth to clean off himself and Peter.

“Well, I don’t mind getting a bit dirty,” Peter grinned and winked, turning off the shower. “Come on, let’s get dressed. I promise I won’t grope you too much.”

True to his word, Peter only slapped his ass a few times while they toweled each other off. Mike was in the middle of picking up his pants when he realized they were the same ones he had worn yesterday. Ah, shit, he thought.

“Gotta run back to my room to get some clean clothes,” he said.

“Meet you in the hallway, then,” Peter replied, hunting around in the closet. Mike wrapped a towel around his waist – not that it covered much, him being as tall as he was and all – and hustled down the hall as quickly as he could, hoping that Phil and Steve weren’t in the room he was supposed to be sharing with them.

They weren’t, thank goodness, and showed no signs of having been there since the previous night. Mike got dressed as quickly as he could and stepped into the hallway, where Peter was waiting.

They had just made it out of the hotel when a thought struck Mike.

“Hey, what we did in the uh, in the shower, was that, like – ok?” Does Tony know? Does he need to know? Is it ok? Should we have waited for him?

Peter nodded. “Yeah, he told me before he left that we could have fun but he wants to be there when you fuck me.”

Mike felt a bit dizzy all of a sudden. “Oh. Is that, uh, is that a thing that is going to – happen?”

“Mmm,” Peter said cryptically, smiling and letting himself bump up against Mike as they walked.

Fri, Jul. 20th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)

This is great. I should really swing by here more often!

Mating and bathtime, hehe ;-)

(waits excitedly for next installment....)